If you already own a home with a pool or are thinking of purchasing a home with a pool, restoration is a great option and can prove to be less expense than installing a new swimming pool. Superior, mature landscapes are expensive to replace and take years to establish. A few updates and your swimming pool can be operating on new energy-efficient pool equipment or a new liner and decking can give it a needed facelift.

Swimming pool accessibility is a major concern for many of our customers. For many older pools, the only option for pool entry is jumping in or using a three step ladder. Bud’s Spas & Pools can provide you with many alternatives to these options, allowing you an easier entrance for the senior members of your family or a place to sit and play for the younger members. In-wall, corner or drop in stairs, are our most popular entrance changes and each have their own unique features. In-wall stairs will add on to the length of your pool, whereas corner stairs will not change the size at all. Drop-in stairs are removable and can be a quick fix without a major renovation.

The condition of your coping should be inspected when replacing your pool liner. This is the time to make a change if it is aging and having trouble holding your liner in place. Replacing it with an aluminum, double track coping will ensure your liner stays in place and provides you with a second track to accommodate a lock in winter cover. No need for water bags any longer!

Featured Restoration: Dundas

Featured Restoration: Dundas Step 1

In this Dundas pool renovation almost every aspect of the pool was changed or replaced with the exception of the pool walls and equipment.

When we started the renovation, the pool had to be drained and stripped of the faded pool liner. The concrete decking was also broken out and disposed of.

Featured Restoration: Dundas Step 2

The existing pool bottom was resurfaced with new grout to remove any imperfections. Excavation for a jetted, 6 ft in-wall stair with handrail was started. A panel from the pool was removed and replaced with two smaller panels to secure the stairs.

Featured Restoration: Dundas Step 3

The stairs were concreted into place and new aluminum, double track coping was installed to hold the new liner in place and to allow for a lock in winter cover in the future.

The interior of the pool is prepared for the new liner by scraping obtrusive debris from wall and floor surfaces, checking all surfaces by hand, taping all joints and coping and vacuuming the entire area completely free of debris.

Featured Restoration: Dundas Step 4

The new liner was installed. The finishing touch was the new concrete perimeter decking in white broom finish and resetting the adjacent interlock.

What a great summer vacation hot spot!

When you call Bud’s Spas & Pools to enquire about a pool restoration / renovation, we will visit your yard and provide you with a free, written quotation detailing the work. Our extensive brochures and vinyl liner samples will make it easy for you to find the look that fits your vision.

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