Buds stopped selling above-ground swimming pools a number of years ago—we were tired of tin cans pretending to be pools, and so were our customers.

The Metric, an above-ground pool model made by Radiant Pools, won us back. We love its look. The fact that it can install virtually anywhere. Its non-prorated structural lifetime warranty—even for winter damage. And its super-strong 2-inch thick insulated walls.

A swimming pool for every site

Sloped yard? Existing deck? Narrow space? No problem. The Metric above-ground pool can be installed partially in-ground to cope with slopes and blend seamlessly with existing decks. The pool comes in seven round sizes, from 16 feet to 33 feet in diameter, and new freeform or oval sizes.

In-ground attitude

Smooth walls and an internal spline system give the pool a streamlined, contemporary look that blends beautifully into your backyard. Add-ons abound. Upgrade to a cartridge filter…a saltwater system…LED lighting…add fencing…and create a custom look with a premium 4-inch bullnose coping.

Pass the salt

Many traditional above-ground pools are incompatible with salt water chlorination systems – but not the Metric.

Best-in-business warranty

Above-ground pools are traditionally vulnerable to ice and snow damage – which is why most manufacturers don’t offer a winter damage warranty. Radiant Pools has so much confidence in the strength of its above-ground model to withstand the wickedest of winters that it offers the best warranty in the business: a lifetime promise of quality that’s transferable to the next owner. For most of Buds’ customers, this warranty seals the deal.

Its blue…and green

The Metric’s insulated walls are rated R-10, saving you money on heating, extending the pool season, and reducing your environmental footprint.

Perfect-fit cover

The Metric’s lightweight, hardwearing winter cover easily locks in a track, which means no cable to winch and less cleanup in the spring.

It is simply brilliant.

Buyer’s Guide for Incredible Added Value

Features Radiant Pools Other Pools
2” Structurally Insulated Walls Yes No
R-10 Insulation Value Yes No
Non-Prorated Warranty Yes No
Unlimited Transferrable Option Yes No
Warranty against winter damage Yes No
True Resale Value Yes No
Still in use after 50 years Yes No