Imagine seats, benches and steps that are seamlessly integrated into the overall pool design. Twenty one different shapes and sizes and six gorgeous colours. Real tile or stone borders to accent the waterline. And the potential to bring your landscaping right to the pool edge.

Fiberglass pools are built to withstand harsh Canadian winters

They’re 17 times stronger than concrete and flex to deal with freeze-thaw cycles. There’s no liner to replace, making them the number one choice for environmentally-minded customers. Algae can’t adhere to the walls—a real plus for pool maintenance. And you may find you need to use smaller quantities of chemicals than with a vinyl-lined pool.

But like so much in the pool biz, it all comes down to installation

We’ve chosen a superior Canadian fiberglass pool manufacturer, but that can only take you so far. It’s how the pool is put in the ground that really counts.

Protect your investment by choosing Buds

We’ll site your fiberglass pool carefully, excavate and backfill properly, and install with the highest attention to the little details—the stuff that, when ignored, can lead to big mistakes. Cracked, heaving pools that pop out of the ground are expensive and invasive to fix. There’s no option but to remove the pool and start from scratch.

We’ll also teach you how to maintain your fiberglass pool to maximize the life of the gelcoat finish and your pool equipment.

It’s the kind of customer-focused care that has made us the region’s go-to pool and hot tub company since 1967.

Why Dolphin?

Buds deals exclusively with Dolphin Fiberglass Pools. “They’re Canadian and we like their business practices and principles,” says Buds owner Bill Bell. Their industry-leading 35 year warranty on the pool structure is nothing to sneeze at either.

In the end, Dolphin offers the same thing Buds looks for in all our suppliers: high quality products, personalized attention and the ability to build long-term relationships. “When we call a manufacturer, we don’t want to get the company line,” says Bill. “We want to deal with people with integrity who will stand behind their product.”