Simplicity Kits for Your Pool

The Simplicity Kit makes swimming pool water maintenance easier than ever, and contains all the maintenance products you need for up to 3 months.  Now you can spending more time enjoying your pool! Simple and Effective 5 Minutes a Week No Algae – Guaranteed 2 Kit Sizes: 90,000L and 50,000L For more information, visit us … Continued

Solution 48 Kit – The Ultimate Algae Killer!

If you have coloured water problems, this is the kit to use.  Guaranteed results in 48 hours! This quick fix kit resolves green, cloudy or brown water problems. One kit contains three powerful instant shocks and a filter aide that will treat up to 90,000 litres of pool water. This kit is also ideal for … Continued

Salt Water Care

We’ve come a long way since the introduction of Salt Water Technology in swimming pools!  IPG Salt Water Products are specially designed to work with your Salt Generator to increase swimmer comfort, enhance generator performance, and protect your pool.  Traditional maintenance chemicals are not effective in your salt water pool.  The IPG Salt Water Products … Continued